Buying wool for more than 50 years

Why Us?

With a philosophy of providing a competitive price and unequalled service to farmers, Elco Direct has established an extensive and loyal customer base throughout the North Island. There are no added costs for freight, market development or brokers.

The Cavalier Corporation ownership provides a steady demand for wool for its carpet making businesses. Long-standing relationships with other wool exporters in New Zealand mean that we buy wool with an end-user already identified.

Elco Direct has built long-standing and trusted relationships with its farmer clients because of its excellent service and competitive pricing. Its value-add services include wool pick-up and wool shed clean-outs plus taking everything from the main clip to oddments and dags - it operates a large, modern dag-crushing facility.

Backed by an incredibly experienced team of buyers and store staff, Elco Direct offers a knowledgeable, friendly and prompt service for all its clients

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