Buying wool for more than 50 years

The Carpet Connection

It takes quality wool to make a quality  Bremworth carpet. Bremworth is one of the flagship companies in the Cavalier Corporation group and is widely regarded as New Zealand's premium pure wool carpet maker, known for its design leadership. All Bremworth carpets are designed and made entirely in New Zealand.

The best type of wool for carpet making is coarse wool, around 36-40 microns and between 75-100mm long. Lengthy fibres are needed to bind the fibres together and provide strength, while the whiteness of New Zealand wool makes it among the best in the world for dyeing lighter and pastel shades.

Elco Direct's expert team deals directly with growers and has an in-depth knowledge of both the farms and the farmers, often being in the shed at shearing time and advising on correct preparation standards. Much of the wool required for carpet making comes from Romney-cross sheep, prevalent in the North Island.

Buying wool low in vegetable matter is critical when it comes to producing carpet that is clean and clear. Gorse remnants poking through is never a good look (or feel) so when and where the wool is bought is a key factor.

The next step is cleaning the wool at Wool Scourers. The wool is then sent to Cavalier Corporation's spinning plants to be dyed and spun into yarn for production into carpet at the company's tufting plant in Auckland.

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Galet is a gorgeous chunky loop pile made from 100% felted New Zealand wool.PNG